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Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006, 04:18 pm

What have we learned
If liars can't believe
Cold, faithless, and obscene
Desire justifies means
Higher than our kind
We're liars anyway
All that I could find
Stolen back today

If you can break down the day
Can't you see that there is a way
When you pull on all the wires
All that we have been, are liars
So bring the justice back
The forgotten can't attack
Like a plague unleash the fears
Spread the lies throughout the years

What can we ever know
If I fall to far below
Dreams justify means
Hot, bloody, and redeemed
Lower than your kind
We're liars again
Nothing you can find
Given back a friend

Bring me back home...
Let me live pretend...
Lie to me again

Bring me back young...
Let me live pretend...
Lie to me again...